Boomboxen Prototype Construction Pt 2

Previously I assmebled the components to create a portable soundsystem. This weekend I completed the setup with a control panel, electrical, and carry handle. Finished weight is 22 lbs 11 oz.

Control panel

The control panel is thick plexiglass with cutouts for switches, power outlets, fuses, and a voltage display. A slot was cut into a recess made in the top of the enclosure, and another slot in the back panel locks the control panel in place. This was more difficult than I anticpated, even with the RotoZip, because the corners are inaccessible with the routing attachment in place. Those areas were done freehand.


Batteries are secured with a few strategically placed nails. They lock in tight, preventing movement left/right or up/down, and the speaker + rear panel prevents front/back movement.


There are currently two 12V batteries and two circuits: amplifier & external power

Each circuit can be connected to the left or right battery by a switch. Additional switches control amplifer on/standby (via the Remote signal) and USB charger on/off. The voltage meter reads the current voltage of the amplifier circuit. In retrospect I’ll probably move this to the Remote signal so it turns off when the amp is off (also acting as amp power indicator).

The amp is screwed down with 2 of its original 4 feet, so a metal band will be required to tie down the upper half soon.

Carry handle

The handle is made from 1/2” black pipe. It’s simple and rugged, and it’s hollow so cables and/or a carry strap can run through it.

Check out the gallery for photos of control panel, electrical, finished enclosure, and carry handle.

Up next

Beveling the edges and re-doing the battery wiring.


Recorded through my phone, not the best mic but you get the idea.

Published: June 15 2015